When you were just a baby and I looked
into your eyes,
I loved you more my little one than you
could realize.
To hold my precious little girl and see
your little face,
I had been blessed beyond compare with
God's own loving grace.

He gave you to me and I love you more
than you could know,
A love that is so special and all mothers
know it's so.
A mother's love is endless and will
last eternity,
But children do not understand how much
love that can be.

A special love that mother's have and only
they can show,
And only when you are a mother
can you truly know.
To love so much a little one that is
a part of you,
A part of you to love and cherish
mothers know it's true.

You watch them grow and hope that they have
prospered in your care,
Because your love and understanding
constantly was there.
They never fully understand the love
that you have shown,
Until they reach a stage in life when they
are fully grown.

So now my precious daughter as your day
is drawing near,
You have so much excitement and a little
bit of fear.
Your little one is on the way and soon
it will arrive,
And when it does I will be there
standing by your side.

I want to see your smiling face and feel
your inner glow,
When you hold your little one and then
you'll finally know,
How very much I love you because you
are part of me,
And when you hold your little one
then you will finally see.

A mother's love is special and you'll
finally understand,
When you hold the fingers of your
baby's little hand.
So precious and so delicate and feelings
that are new,
And then my precious daughter you'll know
how much I love you.

1999 James A. Kisner.

Thank you so very much James for granting permission
for your wonderful poetry to be displayed
on my website.

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are copyrighted and may not be reproduced without written
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'My Daughter You Will See'.

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