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~~ Name of Pride ~~

On a cold and snowy night, early in November.
My son was born into this world, "My Pride," I still remember.
"He looks like you," my wife replied, his features are the same.
So proud, that he resembled me, we gave our son my name.

Then, the day we brought him home, certificate in hand.
I saw on it, my name was given to my little man.
I knew someday he'd make me proud, as anyone could be.
His name and mine, proudly displayed where everyone could see.

He seemed to grow so quickly, and he made the baseball team.
The coach remarked, "I think that boy's the best I've ever seen."
It was only little league, but I was still impressed,
I was proud my little boy, did strive to be the best.

The team won all the playoff games, they played so perfectly.
The other boys had voted, and my son won MVP.
The boys all got a trophy, when they won the final game.
Then I felt proud, because etched on the trophy was our name.

All through school he won awards, achieving was his way.
We had a wall for all his plaques, and there we would display,
The progress he was making, and the goals he did attain.
And I was proud, because the wall was covered with our name.

Off he went to college, to work toward his Ph.D.
He wanted to hang his own shingle, where the world could see.
He wanted his own clinic, to help people in their pain,
And I'd be proud, because there was a doctor with our name.

But a war was raging, and he said he had to go.
He had to fight for what was right, he loved this country so.
Before his tour in Viet Nam, he came home for a rest,
And I was proud to see our name, displayed across his chest.

I never understood that war, why young men had to die,
But now as I behold our name, I just break down and cry.
I never thought a time would come, when it would cause me pain.
Upon this wall called Viet Nam, I see his precious name.

Written by James A. Kisner



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Vietnam Memorial Wall painting by Lee Teter