She closed the door and quietly her tears began to flow,
It was an empty room today and no one else would know.
Emotion had come over her; she had done it again,
They told her you must separate these feelings and defend.

You cannot let emotions ever hinder you this way,
You must control yourself because you'll see it everyday.
Remember it's a job for you so disconnect yourself,
Or else in time the stress and strain will take toll on your health.

It's just a fact of life and you will have to learn to deal,
With all of life's realities and understand they're real.
Block out the pain and suffering you do not have control,
And if you cannot get a grip it will rip out your soul.

Just deal with situations each day as they come along,
You have to learn to shut them out and here it isn't wrong.
Time is fleeting for them this is just a stopping place,
And that you do not get involved is never a disgrace.

These were the words she once had heard when she began last year,
But she could not control herself as she was crying here.
It always happened to her and she knew it always would,
And she would not stop her emotions even if she could.

She could not help but fall in love with each and every one,
And she knew when she started here it wouldn't be much fun.
But she had made a difference even if it was short lived,
And she would always share her love with all she had to give.

She knew each time she'd find a room and cry just as before,
Until her eyes were all cried out and puffy even sore.
So now today she sits again and wipes away her tears,
Just knowing that she helped a little one and calmed her fears.

It hurts so bad to see them go the pain is real enough,
Especially when they fought so hard and some are really tough.
But that is what she chose to do and will do it again,
She will not separate herself she wants to be their friend.

She knows that there are others; There are many just like her,
In other places also doing just what they prefer.
They have to get involved and personal right from the start,
Because the love and such emotion flows right from their heart.

But every time you lose someone it really hits you home,
And for a while you want to be here crying all alone.
Just to know you made a difference is it's own reward,
And that is why she is a nurse in the children's cancer ward.

1999 James A. Kisner.

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