I know it doesn't look like much, this little jewellery box,
It has no drawers to hold things in, and has no keys or locks.
It's small and it won't hold too much, inside the small glass door,
But holding jewellery isn't all this little box is for.

It has a meaning all it's own, this little box of wood,
And now that you are old enough, I'll share it as I should.
I know that you will understand, now that you are eleven,
This was your Grandma's jewellery box, before she went to Heaven.

I bought this jewellery box for her, the same year of your birth,
But the Christmas of that year, was Grandma's last on earth.
You were her only grandchild, that she ever got to see,
The year I put this jewellery box under our Christmas tree.

Your Grandma went to Heaven, and I put this box away,
And kept it safe to give to you, some future Christmas Day.
I knew a Christmas Day would come, and now it's finally here.
I think you're old enough to have, the jewellery box this year.

As you read this little poem, please try not to be sad.
Your Grandma knows you have it now, and that will make her glad.
So, every time you open up this box I give to you,
Remember that your Grandma's fingers once opened it up too.

I know you don't remember, how she used to hold you tight,
The same way that she held your Mother, rocking her at night.
She held you in her arms, and watched you sleeping through her tears,
She knew her time was limited, while you had many years.

I know you only know her, from the pictures that we keep,
Now Grandma's safe in Heaven, and she'd not want you to weep.
I know what I am doing, is what she'd want me to do,
Because she loved this little box, and Grandma loves you too.

Now keep this little jewellery box, as safe as it can be.
Hide it in some secret place, or out where you can see.
Then, in the future, on the day when God gathers his flocks,
You'll see your Grandma, Donna, who left you this little box.

"Treasured Box" © James A. Kisner.

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