She sat and gazed out her window
While her children played with toys
Then slowly turned and smiled at them
Her red haired girl and blonde haired boy

Although she was only twenty six
She had experienced many pains in her life
It was in the year of two thousand
When she had agreed to be his wife

Once their life was filled with love
She had thought there'd be no other
But now there was something missing
And she feared he had found another

She sat quietly pondering what to do
Whether to leave him from this place
Her thoughts were interrupted
By his phone call from the base

He said he'd be late coming home that night
That he was stopping to visit his mother
So many times she had heard this excuse
Until her heart was beginning to smother

She informed him only a few nights before
Explaining exactly how she had felt
Wondering why he now turned away
When her touch had once made him melt

He said he still had love for her
But in love with her he was not
For now he no longer shared her bed
Choosing to sleep alone on a cot

She could hear her heart break in pieces
As she wiped her eyes dry from tears
Smiling at her daughter and little son
Trying hard to conceal her fear

Her life would go on for many years
With or without her husband's love
For her and the children were given a gift
As they were loved from our Father above

Janie Moser ~ 2005

Used with permission

Please respect author copyright, do not use or copy
poetry without first seeking permission from the author.

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