Alone he stood in the shadows
Watching as she closed the door
He would follow her again tonight
Like so many times before

Her behavior had caused him suspicion
And hoped tonight would be the last
Quietly he stood hidden by shadows
While he paused to reflect on their past

Many years had slipped by since they met
And he had fallen in love at first glance
He vowed there would be no other
If only she would give him a chance

Their days were filled with laughter
And nights were made for love
They were the perfect couple
A marriage blessed from above

Soon his suspicions were founded
As he learned she had found another
She no longer desired his touch
He wondered would this marriage recover

Finally he had to face the cold facts
In his heart he had done her wrong
All the long nights working late
And leaving her home alone

Did she know how much he loved her
And that she was his heart and soul
Had he not told her enough
Was that why her love was cold

Standing alone in the darkness
He knew what he had to do
Tonight would be the beginning
To start his marriage anew

2005 Janie Moser

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