She sat in the corner of the darken room
Wiping the tears from her swollen eyes
Quietly trying to control her sobs
As she recalled her father's lies

A little blonde haired girl of only ten
Whose life was now filled with grief
If only she could confide in someone
Which one would they believe?

Six years earlier the abuse had begun
When she was only at the age of four
And when her mother left for work each day
Her father locked and bolted the door

He often called her his 'little sweetheart'
His 'treasured blonde haired baby'
And as he would stroke her fragile body
She wondered if all fathers did this, maybe

She refused his advances when there was pain
And threatened her mother she would tell
Flying into a rage he would beat her
Telling all who asked, she 'accidentally fell

While lying in her bed on a dark stormy night
Her mother left and slammed shut the door
The little 'blonde haired treasure' crept to her closet
Retrieving the gun she had hidden on the floor

This would be the last time he would hurt her
For she knew he would never change
And with little hands that trembled
She walked toward her father and took aim

He seen her approaching his side of the bed
And he begged her to put down the gun
But all the little girl wanted was freedom from him
No more would he touch her body for his fun

And as the bullet found its way to his heart
She knew he could hurt her no more
Now she was free from her living hell
While her father now lay dead on the floor

Janie Moser 2005

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