She stood trembling alone in the playground
As she watched her mom get in the car
Fighting back the tears once more
Like a butterfly trapped in a jar

A little blonde haired girl of only four
She had been left here every day
For this was a neighborhood child care
That was charging her mommy to stay

She tried to understand being left there
And guessed mom didn't know they were mean
Now she stood alone and shivering
Trying hard to make believe it was a dream

From the very first day it had started
It was now approaching one year
Why were these people so mean to her
She was now left alone with her tears

Why did mommy always believe them
When they made up stories and lied
Of how she had fallen while playing
Why hadn't she questioned them why ?

Why would these people hug and kiss her
Only when her Mommy was around
While only a few short hours ago
Her hands had been slapped and bound

Why did they lie again to you mommy
By telling you the scratch upon my face
Had been inflicted by a six year old
Who accidentally hit me with her lace

Oh mommy! Help me find words to tell you
Of all the hurts here that I know
Listen to my sobs when I cling to you
For God's sake mommy please don't go

Janie Moser ~ 2005

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