The shadows danced along the wall
As she sat recalling their life
Her heart had been given freely
When she agreed to be his wife

Their days were filled with laughter
And their nights were made for love
The happiest couple in the world
Were blessed from the heaven's above

Now the years had quickly passed by
Two beautiful children to them were born
When he learned he was being deployed to Iraq
It left his family feeling lost and forlorn

They tried to explain to their children
That their daddy had to go away
To fight for his countries freedom
And alone they would have to stay

The nights were spent with longing
For his arms to hold her tight
And as she prayed to God above
To please keep him safe in his flight

Just how long he would have to be gone
No one could truthfully say
With tears now streaming down her cheeks
She continued to gaze toward the bay

His ship would one day return to port
Her and the children would be there
Waiting to meet him with open arms
Showing him just how much they cared

Thinking now of her love for him
She knew he thought of her too
Until they were once more together
To each other they would be true

Janie Moser 2005

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