The end of the school year was approaching
Summertime was drawing near
Soon their time together would be over
And all that they held dear

In the trees the birds were singing
And butterflies filled the air
As he held her tightly in his arms
Gently stroking her golden hair

They had dated though out the year
Loving each other from the start
This was to be a lonely summer
As their time had to be spent apart

The sun rays danced across the water
As they vowed to one another
They would meet again in September
And til then would desire no other

She said she would keep in touch
And he said he would write
Their days would be of summer fun
And dreams of love at night

It would only be three long months
And again they would be as one
As they held each other close
Watching the setting sun

In their heart they both did know
Their time together they would miss
As he turned her face toward his
They sealed it with a kiss

Janie Moser 2005

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