Her feeble hands parted the drapes
And she slowly opened the blinds
Gazing down the old country road
As she thought of happier times

A house once filled with laughter
And children with holiday cheer
Now stood silent and forgotten
As her eyes filled up with tears

Preparations for a Thanksgiving feast
The aroma of cooking filled the air
A meal created with loving hands
For the people for whom she cared

The table was adorned with her finest
As this meal would be fit for a king
Turkey, dressing, and desserts a plenty
As she had thought of everything

The little ones were running and shouting
While their Mothers tried to quiet the noise
The men had all gathered round the TV
Watching football had been their choice

Finally a voice called "It's time to eat"
Everyone please come and get it
Hands being held while prayer is said
Amen's and, "Grandma, where do I sit"

"May I please have one of the turkey legs"
"Mommy I don't like this on my dish"
"Please be careful, and don't spill your drink"
"Can I have the bone to make a wish"

Then the clearing of the banquet table
A sip of wine and a taste of brandy
Cups were filled with tea and coffee
Shouts of so and so, stole my candy

Hugs and kisses when time to leave
Be careful cause we love you so
We'll call when we finally get home
Gosh, how we really hate to go

As tears trickled down her now wrinkled cheek
She returned from her fun loving past
Realizing Thanksgiving has just been a dream
And she knew this would be her last

Janie Moser 10th November 2005

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