He was in a distant land
His country needed him there
She was back in the states
Living everyday in fear

She watched the news in hope
That this war would soon end
Why did he have to go
There were others they could send

They were married years ago
And vowed they would never part
They never imagined this time would come
And break both of their hearts

She thought of how much she loved him
And knew he loved her too
The love that was between them
No other man would do

She never would forget him
The memories lingered on
She always thought about him
And waited for him to come home

They were always together
From dawn til setting sun
But now he was in Iraq
And always carried a gun

Alone in her bed late at night
She prayed "Dear Lord above"
Please bring my husband home to me
For he is the one I love

The war had placed a distance
Between her world and his
But in her heart he was there
For that's where he always lived

Soon the wait would be over
His time was almost done
He would be home very soon
Once again they would be one

Janie Moser ~ 2005

Used with permission

Please respect author copyright, do not use or copy
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