Not so many months ago
I recall it was a day in March
While jogging on a foggy morn
I came upon a mysterious arch

As I entered into its open gates
There were paths I had to choose
Which one should I decide to take
If wrong, how much would I lose

One stood gleaming with neon lights
With music you could plainly hear
There were men and women laughing
All brave from drinking beer

The next path was very quiet
Not a sound or voice could be heard
The only life that was present
Were butterflies and beautiful birds

The third path was dark and dreary
Without substance or flickering light
I wondered if I chose this path
Would I engage in a losing fight

The last path I noticed was glowing
Like nothing I had ever seen
Angels standing with outstretched arms
As their appearance gave off a gleam

Four paths I now could choose from
Which one would I decide to take
They all appeared long and winding
And would my choice lay open my fate

For a moment I stood there trembling
In the cool of the damp foggy morn
I then heard a sound in the distance
It was that of a blowing horn

As the sound to my ears came closer
A voice whispered for me not to fear
I've come my child to take you home
To your loved ones you hold so dear

I whimpered that I was not ready yet
And to return me back to my life
My children awaited their fathers love
As well as my wonderful wife

The voice then whispered softly to me
Let this day be your final warning
Decide what path you are going to take
For I shall return once more in the morning

I then felt my body moving
And tears rolling down my cheeks
I awoke to learn I'd been dreaming
And fell quietly back to sleep

Is it true this man was dreaming
Or was it the reality of his fate
You decide and conclude for yourself
Which path would you take

2005 Janie Moser

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