It was a late night many months ago
As I lay in my bed sleeping
I was awaken by whispers in my room
And at first I thought I was dreaming

The voice was whispering in my ear
Take my hands and follow me
I wasn't sure that I should go
Or just what they wanted me to see

We travelled down a brightly lit path
As soft music began to play
The smell of flowers were everywhere
This was a place I would like to stay

Slowly a golden door then did open
As I sheepishly peered inside
I could not believe what I was seeing
As the whispers said open your eyes

There before me was a large bright room
With Angels sitting everywhere
They whispered to me to come closer
As they prepared me a special chair

I listened as the whispers continued to speak
A white curtain then slowly was parted
Before my eyes my loved ones appeared
The faces of all my departed

There stood my two sets of grandparents
My Mama Ruth and Daddy Dale
Of course Aunt Na and Uncle Wallace
Then someone slowly lifted a veil

Before me stood the most greatest sight
As whispers said please take a look
My grandson Michael was running to me
With my best friend Rosie holding a book

The soft whispers slowly continued
As Rosie and Michael turned the pages
Before me were all the faces
Singing for me, Rock Of Ages

Too soon the whispers said its time to go
For you have seen what we wanted you to
As I clung to Michael and my loved ones
I heard the whispers say "We Love You"

Janie Moser ~ 2005

Used with permission

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