In the year of nineteen fifty eight
A little boy and girl did meet
It was the first day of kindergarten
And to them school was really neat

They colored and pasted all day long
Til the time came to go home
Then after school they ran and played
They were seldom seen alone

As the years passed quickly by
Both children were getting older
The girl was no longer just a child
And the boy was getting bolder

The two kids were inseparable
Some called it puppy love
But the couple knew in their hearts
It was a blessing from above

Soon there were proms and football games
And it was obvious they were lovers
Wherever you found one of them
You would always find the other

As graduation day quickly approached
Their talk was of love and marriage
Of having children of their own
And which one would push the carriage

Soon the year was two thousand and five
They had built a true loving home
Often discussing their childhood
And how deep their love had grown

The doorbell now chimed in the distance
As grandchildren had arrived for the day
To listen once more to their grandparents
And the loving stories they had to say

Janie Moser 2005

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