~~ Our Anniversary ~~

Another year has come to pass,
I've said it many times before.
I can't believe they've added up,
I pray there's many more.

Way back when this all began
We were both just past our teens.
WE put our hope in GOD'S strong hands,
And learned what true love means.

We made mistakes; we fought the fight,
Our love just made us strong.
We knew that HE would show the way,
And teach us right from wrong.

The years are finally taking toll,
Our age has slowed our pace.
But side by side, we carry on,
No need to win the race.

Our love has fed us through the years,
We've had good times and bad.
But I would do it all again,
You've made me OH so glad.

Here's hoping that when this all ends,
And I pray it's not too soon.
We'll meet again beyond the stars,
On another Honeymoon.

Joe Pielmeier Sr.

Used with permission

Please respect author copyright, do not use or copy
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