Art by Josephine Wall

~~ That Certain Girl ~~

She turned and gave a little smile,
As she sauntered toward the door.
She's done this act a hundred times,
I've seen it all before.

She knows I hate to see her leave,
But I can't make her stay.
I know that she'll be back again,
I'll wait for her each day.

Someday, I hope she'll understand,
Just why I feel this way.
I pray for GOD to hold her hand,
As I kneel each night to pray.

She plays me like a fiddle,
While I honor her with song.
You may think I am foolish,
When I say she can't do wrong.

When I am gone, I hope she knows,
How much she meant to me.
I proudly walked along her side,
For all the world to see.

But now I sit here all alone,
With hope the phone will ring.
For when I hear her gentle voice,
My heart begins to sing.

She has me wrapped around her finger.
Her every wish is my command.
You wonder why I feel this way?
I hope you'll understand.

For she's my special gal,
And she means the world to me.
'Cause she's my Great Granddaughter,
And I'm as proud as I can be!

Joe Pielmeier Sr. ~ 29 April 2002

Used with permission

Please respect author copyright, do not use or copy
poetry without first seeking permission from
Joe's Grand daughter Heather

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Art by Josephine Wall is used with written permission