Art by Thomas Kinkade

~~ Early Morning ~~

I lie in bed each day at dawn,
As night turns into day.
I'd rather stay just where I am,
It's not for me to say.

I thank GOD for each new day,
And wonder what it holds.
The greatest joy that I can have,
Is watch as it unfolds.

Will there be time to call a friend?
Where will I go today?
Will GOD tell me to get to work?
Or give me time to play?

But I remember what HE said,
"I'll leave the choice to you."
"So go ahead and make your plan,
To do what you want to"

Whatever I will do to today,
I'll do it in HIS name.
I know what's right and what is wrong'
I'll get credit or the blame.

We often say, "Luck passed me by"
When things don't go our way.
You'll be surprised how 'Luck' will change,
Once you learn how to pray.

So even though I'll miss my bed,
I must rise up and shine.
Then everything, I dreamed about,
GOD'S GRACE will make it mine.

Joe Pielmeier Sr. ~ 7 September 2002

Used with permission

Please respect author copyright, do not use or copy
poetry without first seeking permission from
Joe's Grand daughter Heather

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Art by Thomas Kinkade used with written permission.
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