Art by Don Seegmiller

~~  Evening Thoughts  ~~

Every night as I prepare for bed,
These random thoughts go through my head.
Did I give my best, to all I tried?
Was I unkind, and had I lied?

Did I attempt to make someone smile?
Did I try to go that extra mile?
When someone asked for help today,
Was I too busy 'cause I wanted to play?

Could I have helped someone in need?
Or was I too eaten up with greed?
Why did I curse and take GOD'S name in vain?
When I know that it causes HIM so much pain?

I might have influenced someone today
By going a little out of my way.
It wouldn't take money, A kind word would do.
To pick up a friend, who might have been blue.

Then a small voice, I heard, from somewhere afar.
"You missed your chance for a bright Shiny Star."
"GOD keeps a record of all that you do
And HE adds up the Stars, when your life is through."

So I ask GOD'S forgiveness, for I know that I'm weak,
And ask HIM to guide me, each time that I speak.
I must try much harder, if I hope to achieve.
All that HE'S promised, if I only believe.

So each night I check my own 'ledger book'.
To see if I gave, MORE than I took.
When my life is over, I hope I can say,
"Dear LORD I did it, in YOUR name today!"

Joe Pielmeier Sr. ~ September 2001

Used with permission

Please respect author copyright, do not use or copy
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Art by Don Seegmiller is used with permission