~~ He's Always Right! ~~

God has blessed me in so many ways,
With a wonderful family to brighten my days.
A wife who has loved me and stayed by my side,
A son and a daughter, along for the ride.

Grandchildren and Great Grandchild, fill out the clan,
They're all a part of GOD'S Heavenly plan.
I've made my deposit, to the bank here on earth.
That's how we are measured by what we are worth.

Then GOD gave me friends and said, "Now you have wealth."
"I've given you much, but I won't guarantee health."
"Your family and friends will watch over you."
"And fill you with laughter whenever you're blue."

Then I answered, "GOD, I don't want to sound brash,"
"But I wish YOU would have included a little more cash."
GOD then roared with laughter and said, "Don't you know?"
"You can't take it with you when I say Let's Go."

Then I looked at my family and then my friends too,
And realized what GOD said, really was true.
If you have your family and someone to call friend,
That's all you will need, right up to the end.

So, no more complaining, I have my gold mine,
I'll just ride life's train to the end of the line.
And at the Heavenly Depot, I won't have a care.
'Cause GOD gave me enough to pay the full fare.

Joe Pielmeier Sr. ~ 2002

Used with permission

Please respect author copyright, do not use or copy
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Joe's Grand daughter Heather

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