~~  Let's roll  ~~

She heard him say, "Let's roll", and then
As he laid down the phone.
She knew at once what he had meant,
Now she'd be all-alone.

He had called to tell her, of his love,
From a high jacked plane that day.
And as she heard his little prayer,
He started on his way.

He and others made a pact,
To fight for what was right.
They knew that none of them would live,
They'd not be home tonight.

The terrorists were taken down,
The plane fell from the sky.
These heroes will forever live,
We'll hear their final cry.

"Remember Pearl Harbour"
Was the cry in my big war.
Just like we did in '41,
We'll rise up from the floor.

The battle cry, will now ring out,
As one voice, we'll shout, "Let's roll"
For to rid the world of terrorists,
Is now our Country's goal.

A monument will soon be built,
Where these heroes took their stand.
We owe each one our gratitude,
From all across the land.

Tonight let's pray, for these brave souls,
Who gave their very lives.
And for the parents, siblings too,
The children and the wives.

So look around and you might see,
A hero by your side.
We never know who might stand up,
And fight instead of hide.

I'm proud of those who serve today,
I hope we stand our ground.
It may take years for us to win,
'Till the killers all are found.

Now GOD, I ask YOUR blessing,
On this country we hold dear.
'Till the warriors return safely home,
Then we can stand and cheer!

Joe Pielmeier Sr. ~ February 2002

Used with permission

Please respect author copyright, do not use or copy
poetry without first seeking permission from
Joe's Grand daughter Heather

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Title of painting is 'Praying For Peace'
Artist ~ Ron diCianni

Artwork is used courtesy of Christ Centered Art

Midi playing ~ American Trilogy