Art by Alan Ayers

~~  To Mary  ~~

It seemed like only yesterday,
When you walked down the aisle.
I saw the love light in your eyes,
And your gentle little smile.

You were nervous, so was I
You whispered, "Yes I do."
I repeated, we embraced,
And I said, "I love you."

We stood together, side by side,
Through times both thick and thin.
When troubles tried to fog our minds,
Our love grew strong within.

The bad times, we just pushed aside,
Our hearts were filled with joy.
First came our baby daughter,
And then our little boy.

Now they are grown and on their own,
The years went by too fast.
The home was always full of love,
We wanted it to last.

Next grandkids filled the quiet home,
New toys and screams of glee.
It was another happy time
For Grandma and for me.

GOD then saw fit to bless us both,
A Great grand daughter came along.
Once again our lives were made complete,
And our hearts were filled with song.

So life has come full circle,
May our love keep burning bright.
You are the one who holds my heart,
Through morning, noon and night.

For I love you like 'twas yesterday.
When we became as one,
You were friend, a lover, Mother too
And I say to you, "Well Done!"

Joe Pielmeier Sr.

Used with permission

Please respect author copyright, do not use or copy
poetry without first seeking permission from
Joe's Grand daughter Heather

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