I listen to you speak with the most beautiful words
You were sent to me from Heaven
Jesus felt my tears and cried with me
Then like an angel of mercy, I met you,
You helped me see with my eyes
And hear with my ears
The harps that angels play on high

I started out unknown to you
Yet you believed in me
With you supporting my heart
True love became my gift to see
God put me here for a reason
To play His symphony.

God knew I needed family
In you, I now have someone special I can love
When I look up at the rainbow of hope
I see your name written there
When I see the butterflies in your hair
I see my gift given by Jesus
To show how much He cared.

You were sent to me from Heaven
An angel from the sky
I look out my door
I feel God kiss me through the breeze
And I softly sigh.
The clouds are pink and blue
They move and I see your gentle face
As the earth slowly turns, to you my heart will fly

All this beauty I can feel
Is because you gave your love;
When I am called away,
I will wait for you in Heaven above

2005 ~ Linda Ann Henry

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