I am glad I can go to my Heavenly Father
His love is without end
His way is the light,
I was brought to this world in His Image.

He protected me throughout my life.
He gave me a cross He knew I could handle
With His own blood, He paid the cost of sin
I am not worthy to be taken under his wings.

When I die and go to Heaven
I will be carried by angels,
I will hear them sing.

He has blessed me to help those full of grief
My Heavenly Father hears us when we cry,
When the rain falls from Heaven
It is my tears washing away another's sorrow.

For there are those who suffer more than I
In my dreams I turn into a butterfly,
So I can fly free
Freedom is a gift, it is yours if you want it to be.

My Heavenly Father was glad to give me life
So God protected my family
God protects all my friends who see
Please Heavenly Father,
Please promise to also take good care of me.

2004 ~ Linda Ann Henry

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