Dear Jesus, teach me how to pray
I need your help in so many ways
I know you have always loved me;
Even when I cry, you have washed
the tears from my eyes
You do not notice what blood I have
Or the color of my hair
You still love me and will forever care.

Dear Jesus, teach me how to pray
So I will not be lost again
Through You, I will find my way.
You accept me, with whatever name;
I have just found myself
You do not turn away
Or care if I am learned enough.

You do not ask to see my trophies
Or the color of my skin
You also understand prejudice
For You have suffered with our sin.
You said You were the Son of God
Then they tortured Your innocence within.

Dear Jesus, teach me how to pray
Help me to also forgive
When my faith is put to the test
I will always pray-
My world
Will one day know true happiness

2005 ~ Linda Ann Henry

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