My precious love is a gift you have given to me
You know who I am and all I want to be
I see you in my heart, my soul is in your eyes
You are the one I feel, I hear you when you sigh

My precious love is a gift from God above
Please take my hand, I, with you, can stand
I see a golden light, you are with me in the night
The sweetness of your lips, they bring me such bliss

My precious love is a gift of happiness
Dreams do come true, we are so in love, us two
When I see a falling star, my heart is where you are
You see me as I am, it does not matter
Your love for me withstands

My precious love is a gift of souls uniting to live
You love as a blind man, who hears with his heart
Never before knowing such beauty, a soul set apart
The glory and the purity, love has been there on it's own
In the precious gift of life, it never takes too long.

2005 Linda Ann Henry

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