There is always tomorrow for real dreams to come true
There is always tomorrow to save a place for you,
There is always tomorrow for songs to be sung
You can make your life happy, but you are the only one.

There are always shooting stars that can land at your feet
There are miracles which can happen
when all you feel is defeat.
There are angels watching over you,
who see you in the dark
And happiness you never dreamed of,
brought straight to your heart.

God can give you peace of mind
and Jesus can find for you
The love you are seeking, a family so new.
It may be years later but there's starlight in the air
Coming from the Lord above, the one who truly cares.

There is always tomorrow to find someone you have lost
I have looked the world over and I have paid the cost.
There is always tomorrow to hold a Mom you never knew
There is always a Dad and you wanted to know him too.

There is always tomorrow for finding a precious gift so rare
The love of my parents has always been there.

2004 ~ Linda Ann Henry

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