On the wings of a dove, I know Jesus is there
I have a dear friend, please answer my prayer
She loves a man who is kind and good
He is also a minister, so if God could
Help him live some more.

Bless my friends, I am proud to call mine
On the wings of a dove, take them in your loving arms
Let them be together
I pray to My God, help his heart heal anew,
Because then he can minister for You.

I plead with you Jesus, let them sit in the sun
Let them see the skies and the green of the grass
Give them hope that will always last
On the wings of a dove
Cradle them in Your loving arms.

I have never seen such true devotion
Two friends of mine, I am honored to know
Help their spirits to continue to grow
If Thy will be done,
they will be happy until their life is through
Let them be carried on the wings of a dove
The spirit of Jesus from up above

2004 ~ Linda Ann Henry

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