I have winter in my heart
I want to be a part of life again
To dance to the music of yesterday,
Oh! What I would not do
If only it could be today.

If I could walk in a mall and share what people do
If only I had the strength to see it through,
I would love to see the parks
Where I left behind my heart.

To see the birds up in the tree
I wish they were part of me,
The rainbows arcing in the Heavens
The sky of blue so far away
All the pretty clouds
If only I could see this beauty now.

I have been confined from seeing all,
Because of how I am today
I live with disability, try as I may
And it never goes away.

But, I do not feel sorry for myself
God helps me in the pain I bear,
He sends angels to my heart
My internet friends will always care.

They do not remember how lively I was
Yet I am in their hearts each day,
If I was not gifted with these friends
My heart would never mend.

Winter may come and go
But I will forever know
I see the world through my friends eyes
I will remember every one,
There will always be a caring friend who sees
The person I have inside of me.

2005 ~ Linda Ann Henry

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