They lived in an old house at the end of the lane
And it seemed to me they lived in vain
For they were old and alone, the children all gone,
And I thought that life had done them wrong.

With not much to look forward to at days end,
Except for a visit from a friend.
But friends were few and far between
And many nights passed without one seen.

So, I made it my business, thoí just a lad
To become the best friend they ever had.
And at the end of each day, when chores were done
I walked down the lane at set of sun.

It became a trip I looked forward to
For I always learned something new
About the way they lived their life,
Relying on God in trouble and strife.

As the years rolled by and I grew to a man,
I realized that God had a plan,
For the very best friend that I wanted to be,
As it turned out, thatís what they were to me.

Now they are gone and Iím old and alone
With no one left to call my own.
My friends are few and far between
And many nights go by without one seen.

But my life has not been all in vain,
For I found a true friend, Jesus is His Name.
Introduced to me by the old couple down the lane,
And in my thoughts they will always remain.

When looking at life through the eyes of youth
It's sometimes hard to see the truth,
But like the old couple down the lane
Looking through eyes of faith, life's never in vain.

© Lora Cox


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