Can you imagine the wonder
On that silent, holy night
When the beautiful star of Bethlehem
Bathed the world with light?

Imagine the shepherds on a hill
As angels bent down low
Singing songs of great joy
So very long, long ago.

Imagine the three wise men
Who followed the brilliant star,
All from different lands,
They traveled so very far.

Imagine you’re in a manger
Where the Christ child lay
Wrapped in swaddling clothes
On a bed of new mown hay.

Imagine shedding a tear
Knowing why He came.
Imagine kneeling before Him
And blessing His holy name.

Can you imagine life without Him?
Can you imagine no Christmas day?
No gathering of loved ones,
No gifts to give away?

If these things you can imagine,
You’ll hold Christ within your heart
And the Spirit that is Christmas
From you will never part.

© Lora Cox


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