I went upon a journey when I was but a youth,
Seeking answers to life’s questions, searching for great truths.
I traveled through the pages of an old and sacred book,
Finding great adventures on every page I looked.

I saw the world created and dwelled in a garden fair,
Until the hand of evil came and planted his seeds there.
I sailed upon an ocean for forty days and nights,
Soared on the wings of a dove as it lifted up in flight.

I traveled through a wilderness, over deserts hot and dry.
I met a man named Abraham, whose hope, on God, relied.
I journeyed to distant lands, met with prophets and with kings.
Fought in mighty battles wielding arrows, swords and slings.

Then I rested in a stable where a tiny baby lay,
I watched Him grow into a man and followed Him on His way.
I walked upon the water of a raging, storm tossed sea.
But the hardest journey of all, was when He led me to Calvary.

I cried as they nailed Him to a cross, watched as He died upon that tree.
Oh, how my soul did mourn to know, He died there just for me.
I watched as they laid Him in a tomb and rolled the stone in place.
Down on bended knee I knelt, in thanks for His saving grace.

But, oh how my heart rejoiced on that great and fateful day,
When I watched the angels from glory as they rolled the stone away.
I watched Him ascend to Heaven and sit on a golden throne.
I listened as He promised, never to leave me all alone.

So, I went on with my journey, trusting Him to be my guide,
And just as He had promised, He stayed right by my side.
Oh, I’ve traveled through the ages, but soon my journey will be o’er,
When I travel to my home on a beautiful, golden shore.

I hope you’ve taken the journey for it is my fervent prayer,
That our roads will cross in Heaven and I will meet you there.
Oh, I know sometimes the road gets long and hard to tread
But just hold on to the faith, that by a loving hand you’re led.

Then we’ll shout His praise together, sing and dance around His throne,
Giving thanks for His love and guidance on the journey to our home.

© Lora Cox 2002


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