So often Iíve thought to write a poem for you
But the words just never would come through.
How do I thank you with words of emotion
For a lifetime of love and devotion?

Bouquets of roses tied with ribbons of blue
Could never express the love I have for you.
And no money on earth, nor silver nor gold
Could pay for the sweet memories of you I hold.

You taught me how to give and share
And how to kneel in humble prayer.
You gave me the values I hold today
And thereís nothing I can ever do to repay

For the precious gift of your motherly love,
Except to live a life you would be proud of.
And so I kneel in humble devotion
With praise to Him who set our lives in motion

And give thanks to God, our loving Father
For the gift of you, my dearest mother.
And though youíre gone, youíre in my heart to stay,
Remembered and loved each and every day.

© Lora Cox


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