Today, I ventured to take a stroll
Down the road of yesteryear
To relive some memories in time
And see the folks I once held dear.

Back into the folds of my hometown
That I left so long ago
Back to a treasured place in my heart
And the life I used to know.

Oh, but the years have left their mark
On the pieces of memory lane
The man next door is bent and old
And is limping with his cane.

My home that once stood up so proud
Is blistered, cracked, and gray
Why, oh why, must time play tricks
With the things of yesterday.

I pull some weeds and I place a rose
As I kneel by Dadís tombstone
Longing to see the familiar streets
Of the town I once called home.

Realizing I can never go back
Through the gardens of laughter and tears
The new seeds Iíve sown in the course of my life
Have mellowed out yesterdayís years.

© Marilyn Ferguson - May 4th, 1987

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