In the Still of the Dawn ~ Alan Giana

Christmas Without You ~ Marilyn Ferguson

The lights are blinking merrily
The tinselís on the tree
It sits there in the window
For all the world to see.

The house is filled with holly
And pinecone scents the air
The Christmas cards keep coming
Each one is hung with care.

The gifts are tied with ribbons red
And topped with pretty bows
Iím done with all the details
As far as Christmas goes.

The fire is softly glowing
I think about your touch
But Christmas isnít Christmas
I miss you oh, so much.

If I could have just anything
My Christmas wish would be
To wake up in the morning
And find you here with me.

I reminisce our Christmasí past
The joy and love we shared
Moonlit walks and midnight talks
And ways you showed you cared.

Staring at your picture
I long to be set free
Tonight the tears are streaming
As I hold it next to me.

Flakes of snow swirl through the air
Iím braced for stormy weather
I wait for brighter days ahead
When we can be together.

So hold a place in heaven dear
Some day when life is through
Iíll be the Christmas angel
Who shares Christmas day with you.

Marilyn Ferguson ~ 19 December 2002

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~ Alan Giana ~

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