Child of the Universe ~ Josephine Wall

We've been given 365 days to spend any way we choose.
We can let it slip away or we can wisely and happily use.
Some will stay rutted in their old life and not change a bit.
Others will take this God given gift and love and cherish it.

A few will make a difference and lighten someone's heart.
Today is the first day to make a new and caring start.
We don't always keep our promises but we should always try,
To spend our days we've been given before they pass us by.

Let's use them to make the world a better place for all.
God gave them to us so now it's our decision to call.
Don't look back at the past that was yours last year.
Look to these days ahead and spend them with good cheer.

Show each person you meet just how much you care.
Smile at someone that thinks you don't know they're there.
Help someone do a chore that they can no longer do.
However you spend your days is all up to you.
Remember that we aren't promised another tomorrow.

So don't waste what God gave you and regret it with sorrow.
Make each day count and hold each loved one dear.
God gave you a great present a brand new year!!!

Norma Marek ~ December 31, 2001

Happy New Year To All


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Painting - ' Child of the Universe ' by Josephine Wall.

Used with written permission from Josephine Wall.
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