~~ Dear God Could You Please ~~

I sat at my desk and thought "what could I write? "
Maybe I'm too late to ask for this the eve of Christmas night.
But I kept on writing my letter just as a prayer.

Our tree was ablaze with soft and gentle light.
The fireplace was glowing with embers oh so bright.
Something is missing Lord, my heart's not filled with joy.
There's a child on our street without a single toy.

I need You to loan me Santa's red and special suit,
And if You would, could I have just one old black boot?
I need to take some gifts to someone I met today.
He's little and tomorrow he'll have nothing with which to play.

I'll put the toys at the door and leave the old black boot,
When he comes to my knock he'll see me leave in Santa's suit.
Please God help me make this a happy holiday.
Then I finished my letter prayer and waited for what You'd say.

The answer wasn't long in coming, an angel stood at my door.
Christmas would be perfect with the gifts strewn on my floor.
The boot was all shiny and the suit was freshly pressed.
It took me only a moment and I was fully dressed!

Thank you God for the wonder You have done.
Christmas morning a little child will be filled,
with happiness and fun.

 Norma Marek ~ December 2001

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