There’s an hourglass that sits upon a golden stand.
It’s filled with polished crystal sand.
For many years it’s been slowly trickling through.
Measuring out the days that God gave me and you.

The bottom’s filling fast not much left up in the top.
When it’s all passed through our time here will stop.
Get ready for the coming of Him they call the Word.
It’ll be the most glorious noise you have ever heard !

The trumpets will be sounding loud enough for us to hear.
The battle will be so awesome to the eyes and every ear !
Satan will be beaten by the angels and our Lord.
Then we’ll go with Him if He gives us that reward.

Don’t take for granted His coming to the earth one day.
Get on your knees and begin right now to pray.
When you say, “Lord” and He asks “who are you?”
It will be too late to rectify, your life then is through!

There’ll be no more chances we’ve used all of them.
Through bygone years you should have called on Him.
It will be too late, your frightened pleading is in vain,
Because He told us plainly that He would come again !!

©  Norma Marek ~ 25th January 2004


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