Iíve been given a special invitation,
It came from my Lordís hand.
It says, ďWonít you come to live with Me,
In heavenís perfect land?

The home you have on earth is passing,
Your years there are through.
The days now are slowly counting down,
Iím waiting just to hear from you.

You may bring friends who are also ready,
To take this invitation I extend.
You have been a faithful, loyal servant,
No more fences left to mend.

A short wait youíll have before you come,
So loved ones can shed their tears,
But from the ground you will soon rise,
To live your never ending years.

You donít have to tell Me of your sorrows,
I can see them in your heart.
Your love is such that someday to heaven,
Will come those from whom you part.

If by chance you doubt my holy word,
Iíll know itís fear of the unknown.
Be assured Iíll remember all your faith,
And all good deeds you have shown.

Iíll give you time to say your goodbyes,
And the ďIíll love you eternallyĒ.
To family and all your many loving friends,
Then wonít you come to live with Me?Ē

© Norma Marek ~ 21 February 2004




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