Lord, today I need You
as I have so many times before.
I wait for You to call on me,
to hear Your knock upon my door.
When I awoke this morning my heart
wasnít joyful or filled with pride.
I need You today to walk with me,
closely by my side.

My mind is not filled with peace
nor do I feel content.
What have I done
to cause this feeling of lament?
Lord, please talk to me
and explain why I feel this way.
I am always calling and I listen
to what You have to say.

You say my heart harbors ill feelings
that I have to cleanse?
You say I have unpleasant thoughts
and I must make amends?
But Lord I donít feel them,
I cannot find them any place.
I searched all through my heart yet
You say they show upon my face.

I ask You to help me Lord,
to wash them all away.
I ask You to kneel with me as I humbly pray.
I know You are the only hope of salvation
and You hear my prayer.
I can feel You Lord,
in my heart I know You are there.

My darkness is lifting,
my soul is being filled with You.
Once again Youíve picked me up,
Your love for me is true.
Thank You Lord
for all Youíve done for me this day.
Your power has washed through me
as I knelt to pray.

© Norma Marek - 5th September 2001


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