Looking through my window,
Thinking of the sunlit day,
I remember words I said to you,
Do you remember all I had to say?

"I love you more than all the world,
Take in all the beauty you can see,
Tomorrow may not come to us,
Always live your life in harmony.

Never let a moment pass you by,
For it could be your last.
All the memories you make today,
Will soon become your past.

Tell your loved ones how dear they are,
All your family and friends,
Let them help you make these memories,
Each time your day begins.

Donít take anything you see for granted,
Because God gave it to you.
The life you have will not go on forever,
Be careful what you say and do.

Always give more than your share each day,
In this world of joys and sorrow.
Hold someone close let them feel your love,
Make memories for tomorrow.

Then if by chance you have to leave this earth,
Youíll always fondly come to mind,
As someone who cared so much for others,
That all their memories will be kind."

© Norma Marek ~ 31 January 2004


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