I remember the last thing you said
to me before you passed that night;
You said, "Mommy did you see the angel?"
"No" I said in fright!
You said she was standing right by your
bed and smiling down at you.

"No! Please don't take him, his life's
not nearly through!
He has to play, grow up, do things, like have
children of his own."
Then I saw the angel that was sent from
God's holy throne.
My tears were flooding the vision of this lovely,
heavenly sight.

I heard her say she was sent
to take my child away that night,
To a place where there is no sickness
or pain, just happiness.
So I reached down and kissed your face
and gave you my last caress.

As your eyes closed you had a smile upon your
precious lips,
And I held you close and kissed your hands
and tiny fingertips.
No more would we play games nor laugh
when we took a fall,
Because God has you in heaven, where you
stand proud and tall.
Someday I'll see you, and hold you close
to me once again.

Norma Marek 19th August 2001

I am sure your heart will be touched as was mine
when I read this wonderful poem.

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God bless you always Norma for sharing your God given gifts of inspirational poetry
with all who visit my realm of sunshine and smiles.

Artwork by Mary Baxter St. Clair
' Small Angels Prayer' and ' The Messenger'
is used with permission.

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