Grow Old Along With Me ~ Paula Vaughan

In Memory of My Granny

As Granny lay upon her bed, I knew that
she was dying,
And all I could do was hold her hand while I
stood there softly crying.
She asked for a drink of water which I
gently placed to her lips,
Then to sleep she seemed to go as I felt her
cooling fingertips.

As each breath she drew brought her closer to
the ending of her days,
I remembered all of her tenderness and her
loving, caring ways.
This gracious woman who wore her silver
hair like a crown,
Was no longer here with me though she
still lay on feathered down.

Her breath had come harder and farther
apart until she drew her last,
Then I knew she had gone forever
no longer my present but now my past.
No more comforting words would come
from her gentle soothing voice,
No more words of encouragement could she
give, but that was not her choice.

I turned away to be alone with my hurt
and think of all that she had meant to me,
My heart shattered into pieces as tears
flooded my eyes until I could barely see.
I felt a hole grow in my heart never to be filled
again in the years I had to live,
No one on this earth could ever give
me the love my Granny had to give.

She was my oasis in a desert of loneliness
and sadness as I grew to womanhood,
No matter what my situation
Granny always pointed out something good.
Remembering my Granny has stayed with me
through all these years that have passed by,
And when I think of her even now though
many years have passed I still begin to cry.

I cry for the times I didn't tell her I loved her,
times I had let carelessly slip away,
And even now that I am old and headed
for my end I still vividly recall that day.
Granny I miss and love you more,
I think now, than I did way back then,
But the time is fast approaching
when we will hold each other once again.

Norma Marek 17 October, 2002


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This page is dedicated to the loving memory of two
very  precious Grandmothers whose memory
will live forever through the love, wisdom
and guidance they gave.

We thank you for all the beautiful memories that
we hold so close to our hearts ~ we love you so very
much and know you will be there to meet us in
heaven when our days on earth are done.

Grandmother of Norma Marek
Queen Ingram Sumpter
1861 - 1963


Grandmother of Judy Bibby
Daisy Gertrude Battersby
18 September 1902 - 10 July 2001 

Painting - ' Grow Old Along With Me' by Paula Vaughan.

Used with written permission from Paula Vaughan.
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