Out where the wind blows it's lonely song
across the land,
I see all the beauty shaped through time
by a much stronger hand.
This place in time I wish I could take
away today with me,
And place it on display for all the world
to hear and see.

A mountain dominates this scene
and fills my heart with love.
One that is so majestic it reaches
to the clouded sky above.
Trees so tall, sweet birds to hear and
exciting places to explore.
There is no more peaceful place
I could not ask for more.

Just to see the waterfall splashing
to the ground so far below,
And all the flowers growing wild
in a place I've got to know.
Where no foreign sounds assault me nor
air that isn't clean.
In my mind a picture of this calming place
I have often seen.

Sun dappled days and darkened nights
with star filled skies,
Seem to mesmerize my mind and fill my
awestruck eyes.
This place of such wonder where I sit
upon the ground,
No other can compare with this special place
I've found.

I never want to leave but reality softly
calls my mind away,
From this dreamlike place of beauty
that I have found today.
To return I only have to close my eyes
and I can clearly see,
This glorious place in time where
I wish I could always be.

Norma Marek - 2 August 2002


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