~~ Today ~~

Daily, something comes and goes
to touch my life somehow,
To bring a piece of natureís wealth
so Iím waiting now,
To see what this day brings to me
as I sit beneath a bough,
Which shades me from the heat
and cools my aged brow.

I hear a fluted melody
from the wild and wooded land,
And see a flower growing
untouched by human hand,
Where ants work to build a home
from fine golden sand,
While feeling gentle breezes
caress me like a silken fan.

Sky of many colors
with clouds of cotton floating by,
Touch my eyes in such a way
I cannot suppress a sigh,
Of peace and contentment
though my years seem to fly,
I feel as a child
and hum a sweet and soothing lullaby.

Rain comes to say hello to me
on this day while I await,
A visit from a friend
walking through my creaking gate,
To sit awhile and pass the time
before the day grows late,
This makes any sorrow I may
have in me, swiftly, abate.

Today will never come again
so I must make the most if it,
In the chair beneath me
which is the place I often sit,
To take in all nature has to give,
its seat worn to a perfect fit,
Tomorrow I may not have the chance
to sit and rest a bit.

Today I treasure what comes my way,
I welcome every test,
And if tomorrow does not come
I will have had the best.
I rode the waves of life
high upon its wondrous crest,
And tasted all lifes bounty
before I was laid to rest.

© Norma Marek ~ 20 July 2003

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