Many a sufferer has asked the question, why?
Not to question God’s power, but know He stands by.
Some things are meant to be; they are His will,
But many of His people will ask the question still.

Why me Lord? Am I not close enough to Thee?
But I think He told my heart that some day I’d see
It ‘'Tis for a reason you know not; Lord use me.
I can wait until I'm in Heaven, and Thy diagnoses see.

I know there are no sufferer’s in Heaven there,
He heals some here on earth, others another care.
But, when we enter the gate, we'll all know the why
When we hear the reason, we may hear self say, “Oh My”

I asked Him to remove my pain long ago now…
But though He did not heal me; I made it somehow.
I think He may have told my heart to just wait
He’d use me for His glory, ‘Til I’d meet Him at the gate.

Since, I am content to be, as He let me be today,
For I am certain there’s a reason, and I am cast to obey.
He may use my pain, and suffering for His glory
If so, then I'll be so happy to meet Him, and tell all, my story.

I look forward to being near Him, there in Heavens’ sky
I am anxious to see my loved ones there, bye and bye.
I think I will feel nothing but Love, when I sit there by His feet
And all the Angels of glory, I will then get to meet.

© Pearlie Duncan Walker

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