Happy Fathers day, dear God!
I pray from each child you'll hear today,
To thank you for the many Blessings
And to help us on our Heavenly way.

We thank you for your love
And for giving your dear Son upon a Cross,
That your children here on earth,
Could choose Him and never suffer loss.

We know Thou gave a portion of Thine own self,
As Ye are the Trinity three;
Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
One day, let us be there, e'er with Thee ...

That we may give all glory and honor
To Thine own self forever and ever.
To claim any glorious thing for our own,
In this old world and far beyond, never.

Happy Fathers Day, my Father.
I'm so very glad you love me so true.
Had it not been for Thy loving Son, Jesus,
We'd have not a chance to be with you ...

To have you make us safe upon Thy bosom,
As with her chicks doth the mother hen.
And, though we run and scatter every now and then,
You take us back again.

I know, Thine own Son, Jesus, must tell Thee often
Of His own divine sweet love,
As ye sit on the golden Throne, there in Heaven;
Over Jordan's banks above.

Help us to serve You, Oh, my Father, above.
Help us to make, as eiderdown,
A humble plea of Thee ...to make for us,
Of our love to Thee, a little Crown.

As a symbol of our love for our dear Father,
Over there in Glory, this day ...
Unshed melodiesinside our hearts, forever,
'Til we meet Thee to stay ...

Melodies of mercy you have given,
To each and every single one, this way.
So, we are wishing to Thee, our Father in Heaven,
A Very happy Fathers Day.

2002 Pearlie Duncan Walker

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