‘Twas their wedding, today.
I looked at love, in the purest form;
As pure as a little babe
When, from mothers womb is, born.

I looked on love, today.
Happiness and joy did there abide;
As the husband proudly stood
Beside his lovely new bride.

I saw a miracle, truly born,
When I looked on love. today;
In the eyes and in the words
This lovely couple had to say.

The songs were magnificently trolled,
In a Godly fashion sang.
God, be with these loved ones
And happiness to their lives bring.

I saw a lady who had been lonely
And the gentleman the same way.
So, I took pleasure in God's care,
As I looked on love, today.

She marched down the aisle
Of your house Lord, to go and be
The 'other half' of the man she loved.
In their eyes, one could see.

Lord, I Pray you’ll bless their union,
From now until forevermore;
Until they are in Thine own keeping,
There on Heaven's shore.

A little girl dropped rose petals in the aisle,
As a gesture of the bridal's way,
So we can all look back tomorrow
And say, "I looked on love, that day."

It was so quaint, so genuinely sweet,
And divine to truly be
In the presence of this loving couple,
Whose love one could surely see.

And to live and love, daily,
All their happy and glorious, lifelong, way.
I am so happy for them, and so glad
I was honored, To look on love, today.

© by Pearlie Duncan Walker

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