My mother saw God today, as she quietly slipped away
No more sadness or sickness in her life; she went home today.
God lifted her gently, from a bed where she was confined,
He took her home to glory, showers of His love so divine.

Goodbye sweet mother; I'll see you in the sweet bye and bye
Then there will never again be a cause for you and me to cry.
Soar on dear wondrous mother, with our Jesus there
And know that I kept you foremost in every Prayer.

I will see you again my mom, somewhere above the stars...
Then there will be no more sorrows, no more tears, or wars.
Knowing you are in the arms of Jesus, sweet and refreshing to be,
Will mean peace in the very heart and soul of me.

I know you’d not want to come back to this old place here,
But one day you will look up, as my voice you'll hear.
Consider no more the woes of this old world, down here,
But remember that I'll love you forever, my mother dear...

© Pearlie Duncan Walker

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