Every time someone scrapes you
With a sharp word, or maybe two,
Just imagine you're at the rainbow's end
And how the magic will bring a mend.

Looking down life's pathway,
Or back o`er the one of yesterday.
Didn't we all look toward the rainbow?
Did not we find that special glow?

It's just a matter of looking yonder,
At the rainbow, with total wonder;
Knowing the storm and rain of life is gone.
But, the shadow of the rainbow lingers on.

Spirits are bright, times are good again;
But, only if we're looking at the Rainbows end.
Don't look for a dark and lingering shroud.
Look instead to the light, shining through the cloud.

It's a covenant from God, for no more flood.
For our transgressions, He shed His blood.
So if we try to love, then hearts will mend,
As long as we look to the promise of the rainbow's end.

Pearlie Duncan Walker

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